Our Impact

Our school health programs demonstrably improved the health and learning of students



Increase in student's

knowledge on health


Decrease in student

 disease morbidity


Increase in vitamin A supplementation

and deworming coverage


Schools reporting a

decrease in absenteeism 


A controlled impact study by our partners at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found our programs significantly increased student’s knowledge on health, improved access to and utilization of healthcare, increased student’s trust in their teachers and local health facility and ultimately reduced the burden of disease. The study found our programs led to a 38% reduction in disease morbidity, a 22% increase in health knowledge, a 48% increase in coverage of deworming and vitamin A supplementation and a 52% decrease in the odds of a child being stunted.

Partner health centers have reported an increase in visits by school children. We have seen a significant decrease in endemic infections, exemplified by a 60% reduction in the rate of schistosomiasis in the Ng'ombe Township. Nearly all of our partner schools have reported a decrease in absenteeism. Qualitative interviews have shown that the School Health Workers enjoy increased social status and express a sense of empowerment that extends to all aspects of their roles as educators.  

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