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Improving children's health through schools.

Because every child deserves the right to health — and a bright future.

There is a critical gap in healthcare for school-aged children.

School children have the fewest touch points with the healthcare system of any age group. While program after program focuses on early childhood (under-5), the health needs of older children go critically overlooked. With nearly 50% of sub-Saharan Africa’s population under the age of 15, the well-being of kids today is essential for a thriving society tomorrow.


To keep kids healthy so that they can learn. In Zambia, we bridge the gap by providing healthcare for school-aged children where most already are —

in school.


Working with the government to implement school-based community health. We train select teachers as community health workers, harnessing technology and linking schools with the healthcare system


The Healthy Learners model  demonstrably improves the health and learning of students. We are  working with the Zambian Government to scale impact throughout the country 


Our model has an annual ongoing cost of $1.51 per child, which is less than 1% of Zambia’s expenditure on education for primary school children.

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