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Using technology and data to improve impact.

In our pursuit of increased efficiency and lasting change, we search for advancing technologies that can help us scale this effort.

A better way to screen students

Together with our tech partner THINKMD, Healthy Learners introduced a mobile application that enables our school health workers to provide integrated clinical assessments to accurately diagnose sick children. The application employs the same logic and clinical approach used by physicians and provides automated age- and weight-specific triage, treatment, and follow-up recommendations that comply with WHO guidelines.


Through the application, Healthy Learners is able to collect data as teachers screen, treat, and follow up on sick students. As a result, we are now able to track disease trends and identify potential outbreaks across schools and communities.

Monitoring health outcomes

Through the program, teachers generate real-time, geo-tagged data with each assessment and follow-up, generating a powerful data-set on school-children’s health. Aggregated data enables epidemiologic and outbreak surveillance across our network of schools and communities, while disaggregated data enables customized performance reports for schools and teachers.


We use algorithms to triggers specific recommendation to support each school health worker's performance. Data is shared with local partners, which includes health facilities and schools, to enable them to better supervise and manage the program. 


Lasting impact


The work we do is only as good as its outcomes and the scale at which it can help those in need.

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