Reaching all of Zambia and beyond

Starting in Zambia, we are building a model for how to improve the health of school children throughout low and middle-income countries. 



Government Partnership

We are supporting the Zambian government to build a national school health program.

Because it is integrated into the existing structures, systems and personnel of the Ministries of Health and Education, the model is easy and efficient to sustain and scale.


The model has been established as official government policy through the recent adoption of two national documents: School Health and Nutrition Guidelines and COVID-19 Guidelines for Schools. The Ministry of Education has established a national directorate for School Health and Nutrition, and we are supporting the Ministry to establish the department at the provincial and district government levels.

Community-driven programs

Teachers drive the success of our programs, allowing the students and parents to see the results as coming from within their own communities. It is an effort that is community-driven and community-owned.

We leverage epidemiological data generated through the program as well as regular feedback from local partners to adapt content to local needs to have the highest possible impact on the health and learning of students.


Quickly visible results

Many of the treatments, health interventions, and preventive care efforts have an immediate impact on the health of students and school absenteeism. This is observed  by our teachers and school officials  as they frequently share their success stories with other schools and communities.

Our model is inexpensive

Our model has an annual cost of less than $2.50 per child, equal to just ~1% of Zambia’s expenditure on education for primary school children. And that cost has lowered with each new community we’ve entered. The model is a cheap, simple, and effective way for governments to improve the health of children.




of public primary schools in Zambia’s capital city of Lusaka



School Health Workers




Reaching every student

Having spent the past five years developing, evaluating, and refining our model, we are now working with the Zambian Government through the Ministries of Health and Education to scale the model as a national school health program. Our ultimate goal is for Zambia to serve as a model for how governments throughout the region can improve the health of school-aged children.

Number of children served each fiscal year


Our impact


The work we do is only as good as its outcomes and the scale at which it can help those in need.